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Hello, I am Sonja

web design/development, photography, sailing, violin, piano, filofax & fountain pens

I am Sonja, a creative nerd, in my thirties. Together with my husband I live life in a little city just South of Rotterdam in the Netherlands.

web development, web design & photography

I build websites since 1997. I have always liked and still like to enter my creative headspace in the digital world. One day I wanted to capture a few nice photos that I could add to my websites. Not knowing that I would end up with a love for photography.

sailing & travel

I have always enjoyed being around water! And I love to sail on our little 25ft sailboat. It would be a dream to one day make a big passage and wonder elsewhere. At the moment a "big passage" for me is to sail to Belgium/France or the UK! My sailing mentality comes from my wanderlust. I also enjoy to travel!

music, violin and then piano

I listen to music non-stop. I decided, at age 34, to commit to learn how play the violin so maybe one day I can make music! During the 2020-2022 pandemic I had a bit of time to spare so I started to play the piano also!

fountain pens & filofax

I get joy from writing by hand. And I do that with a collection of fountain pens and different kinds of colors of ink. And I really like to write all things down in one of my filofax planners.