Fat loss challenge: Week 6/7/8
20170307_wk08.png This article covers a total of 3 weeks. I am currently experimenting with how much I want to put in between each article. Now that I am writing this article after these 3 weeks I know that in the future I will do an update on my journey every other week on Tuesday! Also, I write these articles the week after. So when I post this article on weeks 6/7/8 I have finished my 9th week. It is fun to see how all the article are forming a nice diary! I will add more visual stuff with all the next articles to make it less of a collection of text... For now it has been my main concern to get this thing going!

Let’s sum up week 6, 7 and 8, shall we? In week 6 I lost 0,5kg, in week 7 I lost 0,1kg and I remained the same in week 8. Only a total of 0,6kg in three weeks. Much slower than before… But still going! My totals sum up to -5kg in total! Which means I smashed my first mini goal! I will tell you how I celebrated that, somewhere in this article!

But first; I have talked about cravings before! After a few weeks they lessen to a point where they are not keeping my head hostage. It is a turning point because those initial cravings are so hard to beat. But something dangerous appears when the harsh cravings lessen. The cravings are a constant reminder that I am doing this. And they lessen far before my new lifestyle is fully adapted by my mind. Cravings last weeks, adapting to a new lifestyle takes months. My mind is programmed to do things the most easy and comfortable way. The most easy way are my old habits. So for the upcoming approx. months or so I constantly have to remind myself to not give in. Yes, it takes that long to build a new lifestyle! But what if that new lifestyle is the thing that becomes the normal life. And I can keep up with that lifestyle forever. A lifestyle without worrying about my eating habits. That is what I truly want!

Apart from the above I also wanted to add something new to my journey. I have gotten a rowing fitness machine for free from my mother-in-law. Rowing machines are things that, when used properly, train all muscle groups. Which is a good thing when you’re on a fat loss journey. Because it’s inevitable that you also lose some muscle tissue. To avoid feeling weak while losing fat it is very useful to work out. But working out more also means that you have to re-look at your intake. And I made the mistake of lowering my intake. I started to feel incredibly weak! And after a few days I managed to completely lose my motivation. For the next two weeks my only goal is to maintain my weight and just take a little break food intake wise!

I didn’t stop preparing for what I would do after my break. I came to a point where I didn’t feel content with standing on the scale each day anymore. So I decided I would just have a weekly weigh-in moment and that’s it. I also created a new digital spreadsheet for this journey. It also generates a line graph for me to visualize my progress… It also predicts the future a bit with some calculation on what I have done over the last few weeks. And added an unnecessary bit of color to it to give it a happy feel!

I have worked my ass off to get this weblog finished so I could post my articles on my own little digital space. It has given me much pride. My weblog itself is not meant for just this journey. But for now it is the place where I want to share this journey. :happy: :love:

So I smashed my -5kg within these weeks! That -5kg was what I had written down as my first mini goal. In my first week of this journey I sorted all the clothes I didn’t fit anymore. The ones I didn’t really like were brought to a charity shop and the ones I thought I would fit after losing -5kg I put on display as a motivation and reminder. So I had a very fun and excited clothes fitting party! I cried while some of the clothes indeed fitted me perfectly! A big part of why I wanted to lose weight had also much to with clothes. I had two pairs of pants that started to tear up. They were just at the end of their lives. And I needed new ones. Because I didn’t have enough pants to get me through the week. So, I was shopping for pants to replace the torn pairs of pants and I also needed some new sports pants because those I have had gotten too small for me… And as I realized while having the bigger size on that I didn’t want to buy new pants. I just wanted to fit into all the pairs of pants I had put away. That had gotten too small. After realizing that I left the stores without any new pants, went home and just started this journey. And now I can proudly say, without spending a cent, I have got enough pairs of pants to get me through the week. Probably two weeks. But that’s just an extra thing. Mission accomplished. I did it. I am proud… and happy… And crying. Happy tears! Let’s smash that -10kg goal now that has even a bigger reward, emotionally! And if I continue as I am now, that moment will happen just before my birthday. It would be the best birthday gift ever! So I am just going for it! :cool:
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By Riet on Thursday 11 May 2017
I'm coming to celebrate your birthday and the weightloss in a couple of weeks.