Fat loss challenge: Week 4/5
20170307_wk05.pngSo I started the week with a very strict day, calories wise. Then my kung fu teacher decided to throw in a hell of a workout that same day! It felt great! :cool:

I really feel like I am in this fat los challenge for real now. I have made up my mind! :happy: I am going to do this! :love: Knowing that I’m actually able to do a fat loss journey gives such a peace of mind. And joy. :cool: I love the number the scale shows me as it’s a declining number each day! I actually dare to look at those clothes I’ll be able to fit soon and smile joyfully! I got through the worst part. Now it’s just continuing this for another -23kg or so and I’ll be a happy camper! :happy:

But, the bad moments aren’t fully over yet! While I write this bit of text it’s late at night during the fourth week. And I just really, REALLY, feel like getting something to eat. I have eaten plenty today. Almost hitting my maximum allowed calories of 1800. Gotta hang in there! My mind is playing tricks on me! -- The entire fourth week I’ve had that feeling of just wanting to get something to eat. It’s not cravings but a mind thing. It’s the turning point where I don’t have to give in to my old habits. What doesn’t help is that I am also hitting a plateau. A plateau is that you remain the same weight while creating an energy deficit. It’s what probably gives me the weird feeling of wanting to eat. I do know that I am doing things right and that I will lose weight if I hang in there and just continue what I am doing. Don’t let anyone tell you different during plateaus! But after all the hard effort and very neat intake it is hard to see that the scale only gives me -0,1kg over the entire fourth week. Even though I celebrate having -0,1kg as a result this week. As it is a bit less! It is still hard for my mind!

What I usually do with plateaus is confusing my body. So I eat weird amounts of calories instead of having an almost consistent amount of 1500kcals a day. Like; 1000kcals on the first day and then the next 2000kcals… Then 1200kcals… 1800kcals… And so on… For a few days. For me it helps to give my body an impulse to start burning fat again. My average is still 1500kcals a day.

I also got a question how I celebrated some extra food if I allow myself to have an extra snack. The answer is that I don’t celebrate that extra snack. Then I celebrate food. That is what got me into all this in the first place. I just eat something extra with the thought I am giving my body a bit of a break so I can continue on strong the moment after. Just a bit of extra fuel. Nothing more, nothing special. I am in this to create a new lifestyle! Not so that I can lose weight and go back to my old patterns.. Those weren’t working. I want to be able to be happy with my new lifestyle so I won’t miss the old. And therefor I will be able to maintain my weight after I decide that I am absolutely thrilled with my body! :cool:

On to week 5. I found last week’s results super demotivating. So I started the week of with a bit of a binge. Oh, how I was sorry about that! I had hit my max kcals of 1800 at about 3 in the afternoon. I was so sorry I decided to skip diner. My absolute max is 1800kcals. It is still an energy deficit. So Even though I had a binge moment it didn’t affect my weekly overall results. :happy:

The entire fourth week was filled with ups and downs. Some binge moments, some moments standing in front of the fridge and just look to the inside of the fridge and to walk away again. Not feeling well, mind wise! But overall I maintained my 1500kcals average! I am so damn proud of that! Not all weeks are good but this was a very good one! Maybe not feeling wise... but I hung in there! This weeks are key! These are the weeks I find myself being proud afterwards. If I can get through those hard weeks I can do anything. That what it tells me later on. Maybe not during. But definitely afterwards!

I ended week 5 with a total loss of -1,3kg. Wow! Hanging in there does get you results! Let’s sum up the past 5 weeks all together shall we? After exactly one month I lost 3,8kg. After 5 weeks I have managed to loose -4,4kg of fat! Averaging 1512kcals a day. So 5 weeks of 1512kcals a day! I am good! I feel good! Let’s keep this shit going!
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