Fat loss challenge: Week 3
20170307_wk03.pngWe end this third week with a loss of 800 grams! Bye Bye! :love: Which makes my total fat loss up to 3kg! Averaging 1kg a week! I am so damn happy about these results so far! :cool:

We began our third week with kung fu. A time to measure how my body reacts to a bit of hardship after two weeks with an energy deficiency. And it went well! I was able to challenge myself for a full 2 hours! It was fun that during some free time during the second hour of practice I decided to go for a short run and 3 others just followed! Gotta love team spirit! :happy: Also makes me feel like less of a fool!

The intense cravings seem to vanish quickly. Is my body already switching to burning fat faster? I really hope so! I do miss the reminder now that I have actually started this journey. The cravings were an actual push in the right direction. My new eating pattern isn’t a habit yet! HELP! Gotta focus! I can do it! I stood in front of the fridge a few times this week to grab something that was not part of my plan. But my mind gave me a warning just in time so I would not actually take something! We are still moving in the right direction with creating new eating habits! Yay!

20170404_001.jpg After those first few initial weeks it is usually when people give in. And I can completely understand that. Your body has done nothing but complain. I have been tempted too. And I will continuously be tempted! Mostly by my own brain! Sometimes by other people!

This week I had a big challenge! My sweet mother-in-law! I love her! I really do. But when you celebrate stuff at her house there is plenty of tempting food! Especially those meatballs she makes! And at this moment it wasn’t the best thing! I managed to fight of my own head until 11pm. After that I did eat too much snacks. As I was expecting to give in much sooner I had already eaten a bit less the days before. So in the end it didn’t affect my overall weekly results. I am actually proud that it took me that long before I couldn’t help myself!
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