Spring walk

The forecast said it would rain today. Now they expect it to rain tomorrow which left Martijn and me with an awesome sunny day. I wanted to go outside for nothing to challenging so we went for a walk! And as we walked we discovered that nature was acting like it’s spring.. Oh wait, it actually is spring! Beautiful colors everywhere, trees get green, insects come to life & people spend time outdoors!

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Old fashioned hobby

Ever since I was really little, like 5 years old, I’ve been collecting stamps. Now I have 4 large binder filled with the small pieces of art & history! It’s such a nerdy hobby, I know, but there is something about them. Most of them traveled from one person to another. I often wonder which message they were accompanying. Was it some romantic love letter, taxes or an act of war?

I’d be like a little kid getting ice cream if you’d take the time to help me by donating your received & used stamps!!! For real!

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