The word BlueCurl is derived from the waves. I love to sit down at the beach,
wiggle my toes in the sand, and watch the incoming waves.

The person behind this website

Hello! I am Sonja, in my thirties, partner to the best boyfriend named Martijn, living life in Spijkenisse, a little city South of Rotterdam in the Netherlands.

After High School I went to the Grafisch Lyceum Rottedam which is a well known Dutch community college for art, media, design and technology. I got my degree in Media System Engineer. After which I continued my education at the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences for my degree in Information Technology. To graduate I wrote a thesis about Microsoft Windows 8.1 forensics.

I once wanted to capture a few nice photos that I could add to my websites. So I bought a camera not knowing that I found my biggest passion. Nowadays I spend most of my time capturing my creative view on all things. I bought my first d-SLR (digital single-lens reflex) camera in 2005 and 10 years later, in 2015, I started my own photography business. The website of my business "Sonja Kreukniet Fotografie" can be found here.

Besides my photography I still design and implement websites, practise (and teach) kung fu and kickboxing, love to sail, love snowboarding, listen to music non-stop, write letters with my penfriend through the postal service and commute as much as I can by my customized bicycle.

My digital life


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