I can sew… sort of!

My mom used to make us clothes as we didn’t have much to spend. I could pick one sweater from the store each autumn break and sometimes with Christmas. I usually got my clothes from my older neighbors’ kids and cousins. Nowadays we have a decent amount of money to get around. But it has still my mom who gets asked to adjust some clothing and such. I like to be independent sometimes and I have a goal to learn how to sew properly. So I asked my mom to explain the sewing machine to me. She did. Then I decided to make a little bag to send along as a goodie to my penfriend Rinske. So see here my perfect unperfect baggy;
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Happy healthy lifestyle (2): to get started

To start off with the big news: I’ve lost my first 3,5kg (in almost 4 weeks) of my current happy healthy lifestyle challenge… Whohoo! I’m doing the happy dance! And the first few kg/weeks are the hardest, as I found out on my previous weight loss challenge where I lost 29kg…

Now the part where I tell you what my plan is and what my tips and tricks are on how to get started to get the right mindset. Just because when people tell me to just eat less (which is so bad and unhealthy) and exercise more I am like: “You have no idea what you’re talking about!” And I’ve once lost 29kg… *In your face*! =D

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De Boekenberg

Spijkenisse is  a city of approx 72.500 people located just South-West of Rotterdam. My boyfriend lives there and so do I during the weekends. We decided to head into the city center of Spijkenisse and ended up visiting “De Boekenberg” (The Book Mountain). “De Boekenberg” is a library situated in Spijkenisse. The library is one of Winy Maas’ designs and was opened on October 24th, 2012 by Princess Laurentien [1].

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