I’m the least interested in Dutch politics! I’m not a fan of the whole soccer thing where everything in this country seems to support one thing; orange. And I’m not the biggest party go-er on our version of 4th of July called Queen-/Kingsday(, although I am a fan of the royal family)! But I am proud to be Dutch. And I’ll tell you why…

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Texty post

Life has been busy! I think every (Dutch) student has these May to July months where a lot needs to be done. At the start of this school year I had it all figured out. Go to the USA in September, start my thesis research internship from October till March and pass one class, do everything else that needs to be done for my thesis in April, pass my final two classes in the May-June-July period and GRADUATE!

Then life happens.

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A day in the life of the Dutch weather

Many times I have heard expats or people visiting the Netherlands from abroad saying that the Dutch weather is very varied and beautiful. Doing a 365 project with a cloud theme made me more aware of the weather. I took the shot below for the project. It was taken in the late afternoon from my attic window and I had no hope for the rain to stop. But it did and the sky got so pretty! I photographed the weather changing from this grey rainy day, to a double rainbow and ending with a beautiful sunset.
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